Finn Donovan (2​​/​​25​​/​​17)

from by Ryan Oyer

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Written and recorded Feb 25, 2017

This one was my sister’s Idea. “A successful business man gets tired of his everyday routine, so he quits his job, buys a schooner, and ships out to sea, where he stumbles on an alcove of beautiful mermaids that draw him into the sea and they eat him.”


I once was a striker for
A flourishing smith who forged
The finest steel in all the land
His practice prospering
With every hammer's swing
His name was Finn Donovan

With Day to day he became annoyed
Still I remained employed
Keeping the master company
His will was drawing down
Upsetting, bending now
One day he handed me the keys

He sailed a schooner out to sea
His masts they waved to me
I thought I heard him from the stern
Not once did I presume
He drifted to his doom
Relegated never to return

Finn Donovan
Where have you been?

He had an even keel
Windward his vessel heeled
Until it vanished out of sight
So to the stables I returned
A fabricating farrier
With my hammer I began to smyth

One night a mariner
Visited this inheritor
To bring the news he found at sea
He came across a ship at wreck
And as he came to inspect
He found a letter addressed to me

That night as I retired
The anvil set itself on fire
Terrified I rose to diagnose
There stood in front of me
Flesh ripped to smithereens
Stood Finn Donovan's ghost

Finn Donovan
Where have you been?

Before I could even wail
He began to weave the tale
Of how he came to this demise
He stood upon the bow
When he heard the sweetest sound
Recalling he could not believe his eyes

He found a treasure trove
Within a deep alcove
Women like we had never seen
How they seemed to call to him
So he took port towards them
And threw his ballast to the sea

Sea foam splashed around
The sirens pulled him down
Screams substitute their serenade
Rocks crashed into his ship
He climbed upon the jib
Attempting to escape the malevolent mermaids

And then he disappeared
I quietly revered
The audience of this apparition
I once was a striker for
Once was but he's no more
His name was Finn Donovan

Finn Donovan
Where have you been?


from Februwriters : Sketches, released March 1, 2017
Written by Ryan Oyer
Ryan Oyer - Vocals & Mandolin



all rights reserved


Ryan Oyer Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ryan’s debut 2010 release “Come Together” was a record parked at the intersection of Gallagher Lane and Abbey Road. The Chattanooga songwriter had become well-known for insightful love songs wrapped in Beatlesque melodies and “Come Together” showcased those song beautifully. As the name implies, Oyer’s new album “metamorphosis” represents a big step forward for the singer/songwriter. ... more

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